A band or celebrity's "rider" details everything under the sun they expect from the promoter. The Foo Fighters' rider "includes all those things that make the band rock you like a proverbial hurricane!" It requests that the band not have to share a dressing room with anyone, unless the other band is "Supergrass, Oasis or maybe Led Zepplin." It requests six packs of Marlboro Red cigarettes in the box, four pairs of white tube socks, four pairs of medium boxer shorts, one hundred clean bath towels, and several bars of soap (Ivory specifically). Iggy Pop's rider is peppered with witty gems, tasteless asides, and typos. It calls for the promoter to "just let someone loose with a little bit of artistic flair" to dress up his green room. It requests two heavy duty fans "so that I can wear a scarf and pretend to be in a Bon Jovi video." Metallica's rider is 24 pages long and includes up to 15 different rooms, a washer dryer, bacon at every meal and throughout the day, dinner for 150 before the show, and menus for sushi, Italian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican for after the show.
We are driven to provide you an authentic experience that rocks, every time, and therefore you now have your own rider. Ideas for the rider came from every one of our crew members, and of course you. It's safe to say, Rock Royalty has its privileges. Check out the Rock Royalty Rider below, and let's rock!
I want a team that will take care of my every desire, make my reservations with ease, anticipate my needs, and surprise me.
Every Hard Rock Crew Member at this property recognizes the passion you share for Hard Rock and the role they play in providing you experiences that rock. You also have the Rock Royalty Crew. Whatever you desire, the Rock Royalty Crew is available seven days a week to assist you and your guests with every detail.
I want green M&Ms, extra pillows, and the Eric Clapton 71-73 box set in my room every time I arrive.
Make the request once to the Rock Royalty Crew and you can expect it every time you arrive. If there are any charges for the requests, they will be applied directly to your in-house account.
I want a cool place to check in and hang out that has a well stocked bar, big flat screen TV, comfortable seating, and a good vibe.
You’ve got it all in the Rock Royalty Green Room. It’s stocked and available seven days a week.
I want someone to arrange all my meals before I arrive and get me on the lists of the hot clubs each night I’m in town.
As your personal concierge, your Rock Royalty Crew is at your service to do this and more.
I’d like the service I receive in the Green Room to set the tone for the rest of the Hotel.
Every front line staff member attends service training sessions regularly throughout the year. Moreover, expect the Rock Royalty Crew to escort you to Nobu, 207, Float and Maryjane’s. This way everyone will know you’ve arrived. 
I want my calls and emails answered promptly.
The goal is to answer every call before the third ring and every email within 2 hours during business hours. The Rock Royalty Crew can be reached at (619) 764-6921 and
rrc@hardrockhotelsd.com. The Hotel direct is (619) 702-3000.
I want to be able to reach a manager 24 hours a day.
You may always call the Hotel at (619) 702-3000 and ask to speak with the Manager on Duty.
I would like a card that shows I’m Rock Royalty. Plain and simple.
You got it. The Rock Royalty Card provides you priority access to the Hotel. It does not provide you priority access to the outlets throughout the Hotel; the Rock Royalty Crew does. The next time you’re in the Hotel the Royalty Crew will snap your photo and make your card.
I’d like a standing table at 207 or FLOAT.
Enjoy the Rock Royalty table at 207 Sunday through Wednesday evenings. The table may be used on a first come first served basis or it may be reserved. There will be no minimums at the Rock Royalty table. Connect with the Rock Royalty Crew prior to your arrival and we’ll let you know the status. Black-out dates will apply.
I’d like to receive priority table seating at Nobu.
Yaz and the Nobu hosts know that you are Rock Royalty. Simply call your Rock Royalty Crew for reservations.
When I’m checking out, I’d like my car up quickly, the windows prepared for the drive, and no valet charge on my folio.
Done. Rock Royalty are provided complimentary valet for one vehicle when staying in their own suite.
I do not want to pay for Internet access, the fitness room, or a roll-a-way bed (I travel with a group).
OK. Your friends will not be charged either when they are staying in your suite.
I want to see some great concerts.
So do we. We’re working with the top promoters. When we nail down the details, Rock Royalty will be the first to know.
I’d like to receive discounts at the RockSpa and maybe a free scalp massage once in a while.
Enjoy 15% off all RockSpa services and a complimentary scalp massage with whatever service you choose.
I’d like to receive discounts at the outlets throughout the Hotel.
Just show your Rock Royalty Card at Maryjane’s and receive 20% off food and non-alcoholic drinks. When you order room service, expect the same 20% discount. Additional discounts may be available at certain times and will be communicated to you in advance.
I want to check in early and out late. That’s how I roll.
We’ll make it happen whenever possible. Preparing your suite for your arrival is everyone’s priority.
I’d like to get the Times on Wednesday, the Journal on Thursdays, and the Tribune on Fridays.
We have access to many. Your preferences will be noted in your profile and delivered as requested. Some restrictions apply.
I’d like some water next to my bed and the ambiance in my suite amped up each night when the sun goes down.
It will be our pleasure, whether you or your friends are staying in your suite. 
I’d like to call room service and have my order moved to the front of the line.
This is called “First Up Tray” room service, and it’s yours. While the Room Service Crew should know you’re Rock Royalty, it will never hurt to remind them.
I want to receive relevant information and updates from the Hotel on a timely basis.
The Rock Royalty website includes updates from Matt Greene, your Rock Royalty Crew, the marketing and sales team, etc., on a host of different issues you’ve requested.
I would like the option of having my rental revenue sent directly to my bank.
Done. Just let the Rock Royalty Crew know by filling out a Direct Deposit Form.
If you’ve got a minimum-night stay requirement and I don’t want to stay more than a night, drop the requirement.
We’ll always let you know when the minimum-night stay requirements are in play, but if you like, we’ll waive it for your stay.
I’d like to be able to offer my friends the best available rates at the Hotel.
Anytime you call to make a reservation for a friend, you’ll receive 10% off the best available rate.
I’d like to promote the Hotel to everyone I know and receive an incentive for referring groups.
For each group referral you’ll receive 10% of the total room revenue generated. It’s that easy. If the group uses 30 rooms at $250 a piece, that’s $7,500 in room revenue and $750 to you. To make a referral, simply connect with the Hard Rock Group Sales Team by calling (619) 764-6456. The referral amount will be paid at the time the group departs and all monies are reconciled between the group and the Hotel.